Real Estate Asset Management


The Department of Real Estate Asset Management manages a large portfolio of real estate divisions of the country's major financial institutions, institutional investors and family office.

FORCADELL has a management team, highly skilled, which is responsible for the care tenants, resolving all types of incidents, the administration of contracts, maintenance of buildings, the rotation of assets and equity in marketing themselves, always watching for the revaluation and obtaining the maximum return for its owners.

The department runs efficiently territorial dispersion of assets, present in large equity portfolios. FORCADELL is involved in all areas of the real estate business: transaction, consulting, property management, valuation and investment management.

Real Estate Asset Management includes:

Economic and administrative management:
-    Analysis and review of the building’s occupancy, income from rents received and expenses generated
-    Creation and collection of receipts from the tenants. Review and update of rents
-    Bond and guarantee management
-    Bond retention
-    Building of tenant loyalty
-    Control of contract expiration
-    Resignations management and bond settlements. Revision of the property
-    Collection follow-up, defaulters control and defaults management
-    Preventive and corrective maintenance of the property and incident management
-    Periodic review of the property and preparation of reports
-    Creation and follow-up of annual budgets
-    Monthly settlements to the owner
-    Reception of community reports
-    Payment of fees and communal repair charges

Commercial management:
-    Definition of the product, price and distribution policies for the property
-    Definition and implementation of the marketing plan for the property.
-    Definition of the management scorecard and analysis and follow-up of the results obtained.
-    Search and selection of tenants, and lease agreement management

Fiscal and legal management:
-    Taxes Management and payment: IRPF (Personal Income Tax Withholdings) and IVA (VAT)
-    Legal advise, review and analysis of irregularities and specific interventions
-    Drawing up of employment contracts and employees payrolls.
-    Coordination and follow-up of judicial procedures

Core businesses:

Àlex Vázquez
Head of the Real Estate Asset Management Department
Tel.934 965 442
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